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Worlwide Arbitration And Mediation Network, the network of the Mediator/Arbitrator ©

Create and encourage links between mediators, arbitrators, and public, private, voluntary and community organisations.

The aims of this network of Mediation and Arbitration are:

  • A space to exchange information and resources between Mediators and/or Arbitrators

  • To disseminate the extrajudicial ways of the solution of conflicts.

  • To promote educational activities, as well as to investigate and promote academic exchanges.

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International Association of Arbitration and Mediation SAM-ADR ©
SAM ADR is an Association dedicated to the promotion and fosterage of extrajudicial ways of resolving conflicts: negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other means that facilitate the adequate resolution of the controversies.

Furthermore we train mediators, arbitrators and we offer services, as an international center, to our society in general, and specially to the corporate and academic community, and to those who take decisions about the ADRs.

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