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Canarian School of Arbitration and Mediation ©
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 "College" Arbitration and Mediation ©
We have developed a project that college students have trained in the use of mediation arbitration and ADR in general.

Canarian Forum of Arbitration and Mediation ©
The Forum is a meeting point, sometimes in person, somtimes on-line, where mediators and arbitrators express their opinions and share information. We have carried out these Forums, creating discussions and debates about different topics.
Discussion Forum Responsibles of the FoCaMe of different areas. Send us your e-mail adress to sign up for our Forum.

The Defender of the Mediator/Arbitrator©
The Defender of the Mediator and the Arbitrator is the person in charge of the defense, acting as a consultant, as well as the protection of Mediators and Arbitrators in their professional activity. His job consists in dealing with complaints and claims of the Mediators and Arbitrators and express these complaints to whom it may concern. It is an attempt to make public the interests of the Arbitrators and the Mediators, and coordinate efforts to make known this collective.

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Canarian Observatory for the Promotion of the ADR ©
This Observatory analizes of the legislative situation, issues reports as well as the management of the professional development of its members.

Executive Board of Arbitration and Mediation©
The authority in charge of the making of important decisions referred to the development of the Institution of Mediation and Arbitration and the ADR in general.

Advisory Board of Arbitration and Mediation©
The authority in charge of expressing recommendations, suggestions, without compulsory cumpliance.

Mediation Centre’s Advisory Board. Canary Islands ©

Canarian Monitoring Commitee of Arbitration and Mediation ©
This Committee mentors the latest changes, the modifications in the legislative context in the organizations.



Commission appointed to Law Reform Proposal ©

Commission appointed to Law Reform Proposal ©



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