We organize, once a year, the “SAM ADR” week of Arbitration and the “SAM ADR” week of Mediation. Working over 5 days participants gain a high level educational and training.

  • When : 2016

  • Where : SAM ADR University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  • For whom : University students, not only of the ULPGC as well as for professionals and academics.

  • Why : The aim of the event is to encourage the teaching and learning of the ADRs and ODRs. At the same time, it will make the application of these methods of resolution of conflicts known to the companies and how they can be applied in their institutions and organizations. The SAM ADR event is a global teaching programme, highly successful, where the innovative works developed by the students, by the teachers, by the associations or institutions of Mediation and Arbitration are applied.

  • Rules of competition 2016

We will meet participants from different countries, teams of different universities, selected to participate. Also Mediators/Arbitrators will join us to help and will take part in the decisions about the works that have been realized.

  • Competition Categories in 2016 and 2017

  • The best project of business development and the creation of jobs, linked to the ADRs and ODRs.

  • The best project linked to the development and strengthening of NGOs.

  • The best project about social, corporative responsibility, linked to the ADRs and ODRs.

SAM ADR Association for the Organization and Promotion of the negotiation and/ormediation

ULPGC Competition


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